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Terms and Conditions



For the purpose of this ‘website’ and the ‘Terms and Conditions’ herein, the words “our”, “us”, “we” refers to this website.



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Electronic Travel Authorization application confirmation as mentioned in ‘FAQS’ is usually within 5 days. Qatar ETA/tourist visa applications in some instances may take longer. This application site is not responsible for any delay for any reason including but not limited to the following: Rare errors made by immigration officers, errors made in the information provided by you, electronic failures and any other unforeseen cause. These circumstances are exceptional. Our administration takes every reasonable step to expedite delivery of your ETA/tourist visa. We are not responsible for any loss or delay including but not limited to flights, tickets, tours, accommodation, car hire, convention tickets or any other instances resulting from delay or rejection of your application. By using this site you indemnify us from any losses, legal fees, claims, expenses and liabilities whatsoever in relation to your use.



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